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Banking & Finance Student Association

About us

Our association fosters the reputation of the master's degree program in business and economics with focus on the program in Banking & Finance at the University of Zurich. Apart from that, it should increase the cooperation between the student body and representatives of the University of Zurich in order to improve the quality of the above-mentioned program.

To achieve this, we are organizing events to give the students a deeper insight into selected seminars and lectures which are offered in the master's program.


Honorary Members


Information Event MA in Banking & Finance

On Tue. 19 Sep. 2017, 16:00

at the University of Zurich, Room: KOH-B-10

Our next event will take place right after the lecture Advanced Corporate Finance I (compulsory for Banking & Finance students) in the first week of the upcoming semester.

First, KPMG will hold a specialist lecture about the "Future of Banking: Digitalization & Regulation". In the second part, there is a free BBQ with beers, during which our traditional factsheet with ratings of lectures is distributed. At the BBQ the students have the chance to address questions to former participants, who have successfully passed the relevant courses, in an informal and pleasant way. In addition, you can get in contact with people from the KPMG and the Finance Club.

More information will soon be available on our Facebook page.

Past Events

BFSA-Event 23 February 2017:

Photos, Information Sheet and the Slides

BFSA-Event 20 September 2016:

Photos, Information Sheet and the Slides

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